Chicago Local SEO Citation Sources

TOP CITATIONS FOR CHICAGO LOCAL LAWYERS Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, after New York City & Los Angeles. With 2.7 million residents, the Windy City is also the most populous city in Illinois and the American Midwest. O’Hare International Airport  is the busiest in the world, and it also has…


Track Your Lawyer Reviews

Reviews for Lawyers Reviews these days are everywhere and it seems like people expect to see reviews before making a purchase.  Having NO reviews can sometimes look bad, especially if your a bigger law firm.  People expect to see something!  So there are a lot of places for lawyers where reviews come into play, legal…


WordPress Plugins for Lawyers: Smush It

In 2014 everything is starting to become more about SPEED and how fast your site loads.   Google has made a lot of comments about making sure  your site loads quickly and that it is Mobile Friendly.  There are a number of things you can do to make sure your site loads quickly, including making sure…


VA Court Delivers Blow To Yelp, Free Speech Of Users

[rev_slider main1] A Virginia state court of appeal has ruled that Yelp must disclose the real identities of seven individuals who posted anonymous, critical reviews of an Alexandria, Virginia carpet cleaning business, Hadeed Carpet. Yelp and free speech advocacy groups have decried the decision. Hadeed said that he didn’t believe that any of the reviews came from actual…


iMobiTrax to Combat Mobile Ad Network Click Fraud

On Friday, the team behind iMobiTrax spoke an uncomfortable truth: the mobile advertising networks on which most advertisers place their mobile advertisements  run rampant with click fraud. This means millions of dollars are being wasted by honest advertisers while the mobile ad networks are making fortunes providing sometimes useless and even fraudulent traffic practices. If…


Google: 1 Billion People Will Use Mobile As Primary Internet Access Point In 2012

Former AdMob executive Jason Spero, who is now Google’s head of mobile sales, took the stage earlier today at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona to offer up some new,global smartphone user survey data and 2012 predictions. The Google-sponsored survey had a sample size of roughly 1,000 respondents in each of the represented countries: US,…


WordPress Plugins for Lawyers: W3 Total Cache

There are many different plugins for wordpress but one of the more important ones is W3 Total Cache and its basically a plugin designed to make your wordpress site or blog load faster. GOOGLE LIKES SITES THAT LOAD FAST Google has talked a lot recently about how its important for your website to load fast…


New Legal Site Design: Creating a Practice Specific Legal Site

LEGAL WEB DESIGN Having multiple sites for your legal practice can be a good idea, as long as it makes sense and you have unique content for each site.   It makes sense to have multiple sites if you have multiple office locations, or if you have multiple practice areas.   Having a separate website…