125.5 Million Americans Watched 10.3 Billion YouTube Videos in September

comScore Video Metrix
announced that more than 168 million U.S. Internet users watched nearly
26 billion videos online during September 2009 — an average of 154
videos per viewer.

YouTube accounted for close to 40 percent of the 26 billiion videos
viewed during September, to remain the market leader by a wide margin.

According to comScore,
— 84.8 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video in September.
— The average online video viewer watched 9.8 hours of video that month.
— The duration of the average online video was 3.8 minutes.
— 125.5 million viewers watched nearly 10.3 billion videos on YouTube.com — which is 82.4 videos per viewer.
— 45.6 million viewers watched 424 million videos on MySpace.com — which is 9.3 videos per viewer.

Now, let's compare these numbers to ones that search marketers should know by heart.

According to comScore qSearch, Americans conducted 13.8 billion core
searches in September 2009. They watched nearly 26 billion videos
online that month. This means Americans are watching almost twice as
many videos as they conducting searches at the five major search

So, is your video marketing budget twice as large as your search
marketing budget? Hmmm. Maybe that's why the news was buried on a
Friday afternoon.

Let's drill down a little deeper.

There were almost 9 billion core searches conducted on Google in
September. There were 10.3 billion videos viewed on YouTube that month.
That's right, Americans are watching more videos on YouTube than then
are conducting searches on Google.

According to comScore qSearch, there were 21.3 billion expanded
search queries conducted in September. This counts searches for
mapping, local directory, and user-generated video sites as well as
searches at the major search engines.

Who were the leaders in expanded search?

Google was #1 with 9.4 billion expanded search queries.
YouTube was #2 with 3.5 billion.
Yahoo! as #3 with 2.7 billion.
Bing was #4 with 1.2 billion.

This shows the importance of having videos and every lawyer should have at least one video about the firms practice and then promote that video with the video search engines for starters.

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