Akamai Delivers Live, High-Quality Video to the iPhone

The new iPhone 3GS means you’ve got a whole new slew of options in
regards to video. Without Flash capabilities on the iPhone our options
were extremely limited, but now Akamai is working to fix that problem.

Akamai is working to optimize live and recorded video for direct
delivery to iPhones. With the new iPhone 3.0 software and phones
everyone now has the ability to watch video on the mobile phone. Akamai
customers, as of last week, are now able to take advantage of variable
bit-rate streaming via its Media Delivery service. Among clients
already using it are NASA, NPR, Fox News, USA Today, and the Discovery

Akamai’s service is working for both pre-recorded and live video
streams at sites like Fox Business News and NASA TV. With the variable
bit-rate streaming users no longer need to pick hi/low bandwidth
streams as it is done automatically via the service when necessary.
This eliminates the wait for videos to have to re-buffer.

Akamai and Inlet also offer up video encoding which helps companies
quickly create libraries of video for streaming. Akamai’s service then
takes the Inlet-encoded video and pushes it out via its network to the
closest AT&T media server to the client requesting content. They’re
also working to expand their partnerships and get that content
accessible to even more iPhone users globally.


What all of this video news means is that its a good idea to have a video promoting your business because more people can view videos easily these days. The Iphone is getting better and better and watching videos these days is a real joy!

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