Attorneys Choose the iPhone in Growing Numbers

An article in this months Iphone Life talks about how lawyers are starting to switch to the Iphone from the Blackberry in growing numbers. I think that trend will continue because the Iphone is very useful, especially because of all the Apps available.   Over time, you will see many apps geared specifically for lawyers.

From Iphone Life….

For years, mobile communication in the American law firm has been based primarily on the BlackBerry, but the tide may slowly be turning to the iPhone. The much-buzzed-about Apple device has gathered legions of devoted fans, including attorneys who appreciate the phone’s Web browsing capabilities and ever-expanding catalog of apps. And with online communities of iPhone-centric lawyers forming around blogs like iPhone J.D. and The Mac Lawyer, it’s easy for novice iPhone users to learn how to use their new devices in a professional capacity.

A former BlackBerry user myself, I switched to the iPhone last year when my company, West LegalEdcenter, began to develop an app that delivers continuing legal education (CLE) to iPhone and iPod touch users. Though I’m just beginning to explore the variety of functionalities and apps the iPhone offers, I’m taking advantage of new discoveries every day. My job frequently takes me on the road, and staying in close touch with my colleagues back at the office is a snap. In addition, the travel and restaurant apps come in handy when I’m headed to an unfamiliar city.

Why is the legal industry taking a closer look at the iPhone these days? Four attorneys recently shared their perspectives with me, and their positive experiences with the device won’t come as a surprise to any iPhone fan.

An all-in-one solution

Like professionals across the business world, attorneys appreciate the wide range of utilities that the iPhone offers. The device gives users the ability to combine the functionalities of phones, computers, GPS systems, calendars, MP3 players, digital cameras and other vital business tools in an easy-to-use format.

“I think that people find iPhones a little easier to use as a multipurpose device,” Keyes said. “It’s good for productivity, but it’s also fun.”

Many iPhone converts cite the device’s superior Web browsing ability as a clear differentiator between the iPhone and the BlackBerry.

“The Web browser is infinitely better for quick research on the go,” said Nilan, who also frequently e-mails herself cases to review outside the office.

For Della Rocca, the freedom to leave her computer at the office each night lightens her load, both literally and figuratively.

“I always feel connected with it. I feel like I’m not a slave to my desk or my laptop,” Della Rocca said. “I never thought I’d be that into a phone, but it’s given me a level of confidence that no other phone has ever given me.”

And when she has to be at the office while her family is at play, Della Rocca can feel like she’s part of the action through the photo and video files her husband sends her.

“I never feel out of the loop. It’s the best thing ever for a lawyer,” she added.

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  1. I’ve never used an iphone before, but your blog is really making me think twice. It’s pretty amazing how much technology they can cram in a cell phone. Wonder what a cell phone will look like 20 years from now.

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