Barry Diller on Ask Jeeves

Barry Diller’s talks about what they plan to do with Ask Jeeves, after buying the search engine.

Diller addressed the search-engine sector: “It’s the very beginning of its growth. … This is going to be a world, just like the media world, where there will be many players, many people providing service.”

Diller plans to grow Ask Jeeves by placing a search bar on Web pages of IAC’s other sites such as the online travel agency Expedia, Home Shopping Network, Ticketmaster, CitySearch, and Diller said IAC sites attract 44 million unique visitors, and expects many of them to use the Ask Jeeves search bar instead of going to another site to conduct a search, such as Google.

Not many people use Ask Jeeves but I think its a pretty solid search engine and will be a player for years to come.

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