Best Sites for Legal Research is one of the better legal reseach sites on the net. You can do legal research by topic in one of Nolo’s Law Centers, or research through one of Nolo’s features, which include:

The Internet Legal Research Group is another good Web site for free legal research, and is divided into several sections, including:

  • Legal Profession,
  • Academia,
  • Legal Research,
  • E-Mail Updates, and
  • Attorney Referral Network.

The Legal Research Section is divided into three sections: Law Runner, ILRG Legal Bookstore, and ILRG Web Index. In the Law Runner section under Legal Research, you can go to the Global Index, or the USA Index. The Global Index includes home pages for every nation in the world, including all islands and territories. The USA Index has a listing for each state and then includes some or all of the following links to the following within each state: the state’s home page, judicial branch & case law sources, legislative branch, executive branch, and miscellaneous state government sites.