Bing Only Search Engine in Top 5 to Gain in July 2009

comScore has released their search market share rankings for July 2009 and Bing continues to gain share. In June,
they gained 0.4% share and last month, they gained 0.5% share.

Google and Yahoo! are the losers, both losing 0.3% in share last month. Ask and AOL held steady with no gains or losses.


Bing was also the only search to grow its total search queries in
July 2009. This also happened in June, when Bing was the only one to
gain. Bing saw 3% gains in search queries in June, followed by a 2%
increase in July for a total of 5% increase in just two months.


Meanwhile, YouTube's growth slowed last month to just 1%. YouTube
has been on quite a tear recently and experienced a whopping 7% growth
in June. The JK Wedding Dance video was huge in July, so perhaps
they're reaching market saturation.


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