Bing Recommends Submitting to Digg & Yahoo Buzz for Indexing Boost

Here is the weird Bing comment for the day. Brett Yount, the Program
Manager at Bing Webmaster Center, told webmasters to submit their site
to Digg or Yahoo Buzz to help get their pages indexed.

A Bing Forums thread has Brett saying, and I quote:

If your site pages have good content, submit them to buzz and digg. Both have a high chance of getting your page indexed.

Of course this makes sense. Get a link from a popular site and a
search engine will find that link and hopefully index your site/pages
afterwards. But I just find it weird that a search representative would
specifically name Digg and/or Buzz. I mean, why not mention something
else or just talk about the concept in general. Brett could have said,
to get your pages indexed quicker, make sure to get links from sites we
crawl on a frequent basis.

This is strange for him to say that but a good tip for everyone.

Source: SEO Roundtable

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