Blogging Becoming A Corporate Job

Good post from The Wall Street Journal on how blogging is becoming a corporate job. A growing number of businesses are hiring people to write blogs, otherwise known as Web logs.

Companies are looking for candidates who can write in a conversational style about timely topics that would appeal to customers, clients and potential recruits.

Blogging as a job has emerged as companies of all stripes increasingly see the Web as an important communications venue. Blogs allow firms to assume a natural tone rather than the public-relations speak typical of some static Web pages, and readers are often invited to post comments. While some companies are hiring full-time bloggers, others are adding blogging duties to existing marketing or Web-editing positions.

Currently only 4% of major U.S. corporations have blogs available to the public, according to a recent survey by eMarketer, a New York research company. But ads for blogging jobs are popping up on online job boards in recent months. "Blogging jobs are growing in popularity," says Jennifer Sullivan, spokeswoman for CareerBuilder Inc.’s, based in Chicago.

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