Change to Google Adwords URL Policy

From Google Adwords as of 4/01/08

Important Change to URL Policy Enforcement
Starting in
April, display URLs for new ads will be required to match their
destination / landing page URLs, without exception. Please adjust your
URLs accordingly when creating new ads.

Based on feedback from both our advertisers and users, and consistent
with our efforts to present relevant results, we’ll no longer allow
certain exceptions to our display URL policy. These include, but aren’t
limited to, redirects and vanity URLs. In line with our existing
policy, we’ll continue to require that your ad’s display URL matches
its destination URL (the URL of your landing page). This policy will be
strictly enforced for new ads, regardless of previous exceptions.

While no immediate action will be taken on existing ads, we encourage
you to make the necessary changes to all ads within your account. This
will ensure that your ads run without being disrupted by future
disapprovals related to this policy enforcement.

For further details visit Google adwords

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