Continuing Legal Education Credits Via IPHONE

The opportunity to earn CLE credits using mobile apps also makes the iPhone an attractive option for attorneys.

Most states require lawyers to earn a certain number of continuing legal education credits in order to maintain their license. Over the past few years, many organizations have allowed attorneys to take advantage of the availability of online CLE programs to earn these required credits.

Now those online programs are going mobile, and attorneys can earn CLE credit at their convenience. West LegalEdcenter launched CLE Mobile (free; in December. It allows iPhone and iPod touch users to download more than 2,000 audio courses and earn CLE credits or just listen to programs covering the hot law topics of the week.

“The reason I bought the iPhone is the CLE app,” Smallhouse said. “I can do CLE on the go.”

Lisa Della Rocca, general counsel for Black Diamond Data and SigniaDocs, recently found the ability to complete CLE credits using her iPhone to be invaluable as she rushed to meet her compliance deadline for the California Bar Association. With more than 20 credits to earn in the week before her Jan. 31 deadline, Della Rocca used a combination of online and mobile CLE programs to avoid any penalties for incompletion.

CLE Mobile (right) gives you more than 2,000 downloadable audio courses to earn CLE credits on-the-go.

“I had just bought my iPhone on Dec. 30 and thought, ‘OK, it’s do or die.’ I could sit in front of the computer all day or download the app. That app made it possible for me to meet that requirement,” Della Rocca said.

CLE apps also allow attorneys to make their downtime more efficient. Lisa Keyes, the professional development partner at King and Spalding in Atlanta, recently completed a CLE program on her iPod touch while sitting in a hospital waiting room.

“The app made it easy to be productive. I normally don’t have 90 minutes in my day to do a CLE program,” Keyes said.

This seems to make perfect sense for lawyers and a reason to get an Iphone yesterday! Lucky you, you get a version 4! I will be reviewing this app and other Iphone apps for lawyers in the near future.


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