Creating A New Website for your Legal Practice

Sometimes you need to upgrade your current website for one reason or another. Sometimes its just a matter of polishing the site up, sometimes its a matter of making the site more search engine friendly, sometimes its a matter of wanting to expand the site and create additional pages of content and sometimes you just have to move your current site from a host and you find out you dont own the site!

I had one recent client who wanted to expand his websites and also needed to move to a new webhost.  So we have relocated his 3 sites to new web hosts, and we have also created new website designs, new legal images and have done full optimization on each site. 

The first site we have relocated and upgraded is for for an Ohio Tax Lawyer legal site and here we expanded the site to include additional pages that focused on specific practice areas and geographic locations. Then we optimized those pages for the search engines. 

With the previous host I had issues with doing updates and adding stats code to the site and a number of other things that limited the ability to get the best possible organic seo rankings at Google.  Now we have made the site fully search engine friendly and over time this site will rank high because its setup right.  Im sure Ill be blogging about that soon!   

3 thoughts on “Creating A New Website for your Legal Practice”

  1. Websites can boost ones legal clientele. It must be constantly updated to inform your present and possible clients of relevant events that they may find interesting.

  2. Legal websites are helpful not only for the lawyers to get clients but also for clients to be informed of legal issues in their cases. Initially, it helps them to know the issues well.

  3. For a firm, it really helps to have a website. With more people using the internet, having a site makes it easier for people to access one’s legal services or asks matter about the law.

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