Example of a Law Firms Search Marketing Success

I’m always amazed at how many lawyers and law firms just don’t take advantage of Internet search engine marketing.   I don’t know if they just don’t understand it or don’t think its necessary. 

Some lawyers do get it though and understand how important the Internet can be to attracting new potential clients.  One law firm that does get it, is Horowitz and Weinstein. We have been helping them with Internet Marketing and search engine optimization for the past 4 years and they have had great success and have gotten many new clients from the Internet.

They are well ranked at Google and all the other search engines for a variety of keywords related to their legal practice.   At Google they are #2 for Chicago Lawyers and #3 for Chicago Attorneys, as well as top 10 for other geo specific key phrases, such as Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers or Chicago Elder Planning.

This is important, as is doing a focused Pay Per Click campaign, getting key links from other sites and being in key search and legal directories.    Having a search engine friendly site that has good content also will help and its a combination of all of these things that will result in focused and qualified traffic coming to your legal web site.

We have helped many attorneys succeed on the Internet and we can help your firm as well. Visit our web site to see how we can help your law firm succeed and get new clients.

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