Getting Good Google Organic Listings Takes Time

Getting top 10 rankings at the search engines in the organic results is one of the best ways to drive focused traffic to your website.   Google is by far the most important of the search engines, and also the hardest to achieve success with. 

You MUST be patient with Google, especially when you have a new website. Some lawyers think you can just put up a site and get listed in the top 10 for competitve keywords within months, that is just not true. 

It can usually take 6 months or longer in order to get good results and thats only if your site is fully optimized, has solid content, is search engine friendly and you get links to your site from other well ranked sites and directories.

Even then it can take some time to crack the top 10 but if you keep creating good content and are patient, it can really pay off with top 10 rankings for keywords that would cost you $1-10 per click at the pay per click search engines.

If you dont have the patience to wait, then you can always do pay per click marketing as well, and thats usually a good idea when first launching a website.   You can also buy links from other sites and this can speed up the time it takes to get well ranked but in the long run, the key is creating new content that focuses on your main keywords and getting links from other sites. 

Its key to have someone monitor and maintain your site if your serious about getting top 10 organic results.

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  1. I agree and like any worthwhile or valuable SEO strategies these things take time but pay off in the end… not to mention cost effective.

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