Getting Good Organic Search Engine Listings

Getting Good Organic Listings For Your Legal Website

We have helped many lawyers and legal professionals achieve top rankings at the search engines, which have brought more potential clients to the legal web sites and have resulted in new clients and business.

Good organic search engine rankings don’t happen over night though and one of the key ingredients is time, especially at Google.  The longer your site has been around, the better. Good content, good writing, links, open directory listings and good titles also will help.

I find many law firm sites just don’t bother to do these things though and thus many of the biggest firms aren’t coming up in the search engine results.

A good example of this and how David can beat Goliath is on one of my clients whose site is at and he is a solo appellate lawyer from Colinsville, Illinois, a small town outside Chicago.    YET if you goto Google and type in chicago appellate lawyer, chicago appellate law, illinois appellate attorneys, illinois appellate law or a number of other appellate terms, his site comes up #1 or at least in the top 5.

Meaning hes coming up before any of the top law firms from Chicago that handle appellate law.   This shows you that its not enough to just build a web site and sometimes a really fancy web site with all the bells and whistles can be the reason the site never comes up in the top 10 at Google. 

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