Google Adds Supports For NOODP Tag

Post from Search Engine Watch about Google now supporting the NOODP meta tag, which can help those sites that have been stuck with a bad DMOZ Title listing.

Google has granted our wish. If you have one of those pesky titles pulled from the ODP ( directory, don’t fret it, just add the NOODP tag.

How do you do it? Just add <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOODP"> to your page source. If you want to just exclude MSN use <META NAME="msnbot" CONTENT="NOODP"> if you just want to exclude Google use <META NAME="googlebot" CONTENT="NOODP">.

Keep in mind, it takes time for Google to spider your pages and then determine if you do not want to use the ODP title. So if you add the tag today, it may take several weeks to have an impact.

Webmasters, this can have a huge affect on your organic traffic. If you have a poor ODP title and Google uses it in the results, by tweaking your title, your click-through rate from Google can potentially dramatically increase.

Source: Search Engine Watch

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