Google Confirms Bugs in Web Accelerator

Matt Hicks confirms that Google Accelerator does indeed have a bug that can cause users to see web pages under other users’ logins.

Google officials Friday confirmed that the company was aware of as many as five sites where Web Accelerator was returning users cached pages under other people’s user names.

"It is an unfortunate problem, but it looks worse than it is," Mayer said. "We are caching those pages on the server side with the user name on them…You see it, but it’s important to point out that you are not logged in as user and you do not have the session cookies needed to perform operations as [that] user."

Update From Search Engine Lowdown:

It appears that Google is on the ball. They’ve stopped allowing downloads of Accelerator, while they fix the bugs. From the download site:

Thank you for your interest in Google Web Accelerator. We have currently reached our maximum capacity of users and are actively working to increase the number of users we can support.

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