Google Dynamically Changing Page Titles

Ive noticed that Google seems to be dynamically changing the title and description that comes up for web sites for different keywords.  They seem to be using the title and description from the Open Directory Project in certain instances, opposed to the title and description from the individual page.

Ive seen a few other examples of this and it shows how much Google values the listings from the Open Directory. Its a very good idea that you get your site listed and hopefully with a very good keyword rich description.

2 thoughts on “Google Dynamically Changing Page Titles”

  1. This is definitely a good move. There should be no rewards for mechanical on site optimization. When a DMOZ editor decides a title, it is more likely to fit than something only targeted for the search engine. Same way if a good site links to you, the title used in the link determines a part of your rankings as in what do others say about you and not what do you think about yourself.

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