Google fighting PPC Fraud

Click Fraud Looms As Search-Engine Threat 

In a recent AP click fraud article, it refers to the recent lawsuit Google filed against Auction Experts International, over the estimated $50,000 in "illegitimate commissions by clicking on the ad links that Google delivered to its Web pages."

The suit won’t be Google’s last to combat click fraud, said Palo Alto attorney David Kramer, who represents the company.

Estimates vary widely on how much click fraud is going on in the $3.8 billion search engine advertising market.

"Click fraud exists, but it’s mostly a big paranoia," said Chris Churchill, chief executive of Fathom Online, a San Francisco firm that studies the spending patterns on search engine ads.

I personally think click fraud exists, especially for keywords that have high bids. I always watch all of my clients pay per click accounts very cloesly and make sure to view the stats on a dailly basis to make sure theres nothing out of the ordinary.

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