Google Gains Volume, Bing Gains Share In August

Yesterday comScore reported
search numbers for August. What they show is growth in overall search
volume, including at Google sites (except YouTube). Google has 2.5
times the search volume as Yahoo and Microsoft combined. But
Microsoft’s Bing also grew its share of the overall US search market
from 8.9 percent in July to 9.3 percent in August. Here are the charts:

Picture 136

Picture 137

In the “expanded view” of search, what stands out are the following:

  • Search volume declines at eBay, AOL and MySpace
  • Growth at Bing/Microsoft and dramatic growth at Facebook (20 percent vs. July)

Picture 138

Bing is for real and moving up the charts but they are still a small player compared to Google. Facebook made a 20% jump which is pretty big.

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