Google Mentions on Saturday Night Live

Post from Search Engine Watch blog about more mentions of Google on SNL.

Last night was the first new Saturday Night Live program since the Yahoo, MapQuest, and Google mention in the now famous "Lazy Sunday" video. Last night’s show included two Google mentions along with one about the European multimedia engine (in development), Quaero.

After the opening monologue from guest host Scarlett Johansson, the show featured a skit about a new MTV Channel (MTV 4, "The Alternatives Alternative") that airs a song about "Googling." Cast member, Amy Poehler, portrays a singer (Kaylesha Kane) who sings a song about "’Googling’ her man."

From the transcript:

I told my boyfriend to hold to the phone, I had to Google something while I was alone. I Google his name and did a Google search and what I found made my stomach hurt Google found a picture of my boyfriend and you I recognized him from his Bart Simpson tattoo. Why did i goo goo Google him goo goo Google goo goo Google I’m through through through with him. Don’t Google your man.

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