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In the Google adwords program, they recently introduced a way to advertise your business on local radio stations. Now they have added Print Ad as an option in your adwords account. This will allow you to advertise in different newspapers around the country.

Ive taken a look at the program and it seems like a really good way to easily advertise in different newspapers but the one thing I noticed is it’s VERY expensive. They have a good system that allows you to offer whatever amount you want and the newspaper can accept it but odds are unless you offer an amount close to the suggested price, it won’t get accepted.

You also have to have an add, they give you the option of hiring a professional to create an ad but that will cost you additional money.

Google Print Ads makes newspaper advertising easy and affordable. Here’s how it works:

Select newspapers, sections, and ad size
Easily choose from hundreds of local and nationwide newspapers. For each newspaper, pick a section and tell us which days of the week your ad should appear.
Set your own price

With our offer-based bidding system, you decide how much you’d like to offer newspapers to display your ad. The more you offer, the better the chances your offer will be accepted.
Upload your ad and start your campaign

If you don’t have a print ad ready, let us connect you to a professional who can create the perfect ad for you. Once newspapers run your ad, you can track conversions and performance reports to determine which ads were the most effective.

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