Googles New Search Options – VERY Valuable

Google's Searchology event was today, and one of the highlights of the event was Marissa Mayer introducing some
changes to Google's search results. This is called "Search Options,"
and allows users to get different results in a number of ways.

When you perform a search on Google, you will see a link under the
search box that says "show options." If you click this, it will bring up a
left-side navigation menu allowing you to see results for video,
forums, and reviews, and view them from "any time," "recent results,"
"the past 24 hours," "the past week," and the "past year." 

This is all really big and they should just make this the default search because most people won't even recognize that option.  Yet it offers a number of different ways to search and this makes it more important then ever to make sure your site is optimized and your doing everything that needs to be done including blogging, video SEO and social media marketing.

There is also the option to switch between standard view, related
searches, the "wonder wheel," and a timeline. The wonder wheel is
particularly interesting. It gives you different links related to your



This then brings up different searches and if you click on them, the search results on the right side change, very cool!

If you click on any of the other links on the left side starting with videos, different results come up.  So right off the bat its obvious that having a video come up would be a really good thing.  This means for one you have to have video and then like a website, you must make sure its optimized and submitted to the video sites, among other things. 

Then the fact that people can choose to see results from the last 24 hours says you better create some content on a regular basis and if you do, your going to be rewarded with a good listing at Google. 

All of the different searches bring up pretty much different results. So its more important then ever to get your site into proper optimization shape and consider creating a blog and creating new content related to what your firm does. Consider creating a video that promotes your law firm  Create listings at all the social media sites. It's all really important if you want your site to be found by the many people that are searching the Internet.

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  1. People Search

    That is a really neat tool. I had never noticed it myself. For once, something that is both fun to use and actually useful. Maybe I can tear myself away from the Flash games for a few minutes.

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