Google’s Searchology Event: An “Insider’s Perspective On Search”

Tomorrow from 10am – 11:30am PDT, Google will live stream their latest Searchology event. We will be live blogging at the event, so if you can’t watch the Google webcast, check here for all the news as it unfolds.

In 2007, Google held their first Searchology event, where they announced universal search. Universal search, of course, has since expanded to become a critical part of the search experience and has greatly impacted the evolution of search engine optimization. No word on whether Google will be making similar game-changing announcements this time. They say they’ll be providing:

“An insider’s perspective on Search including recent search innovations. Speakers will include VP of Search Engineering, Udi Manber, and VP of Search Products and User Experience, Marissa Mayer.”

Google didn’t hold a Searchology event last year, opting instead for smaller gatherings. Perhaps they were waiting for another big announcement before holding another one. Check here or the Google webcast tomorrow to find out.


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