How To Save a Client $200 on Day 1 and $1000 in Week 1 with Google Adwords

Usually when I take over pay per click accounts, the person is usually overpaying for visitors to their sites.

Ive had many occasions where the person is paying $20 or more to much per click, usually because they set one high amount for their max bid on all keywords.  If you say you will bid a max of $60 per click, there’s a good chance you will and that can really add up.

In the case of this client, who is a Boston criminal Dui lawyer, he was paying a high amount per click so that he could be at the top of the sponsored matches.


You can see in the chart below that on Feb.12, 2008 he was paying on average $35.83 per click and he was on average in position 1.3. Yet on Feb. 14 the first full day after I took over and made changes, he got the same # of clicks but was only paying $10.69 per click and the only downfall, is he slipped to ad position 2.3, no big deal but what a savings of $25 per click.

Then if you look at the totals for the first week where I took over compared to the first 10 days of February, we got more clicks for over $1,000 less. This is only one campaign of 5, so just a portion of the overall savings.

Looking at the amount spent on 2007 ($45,000+) we would wind up saving the client over $25,000 at least just for this one campaign, and probably wind up getting more clicks.

Part of the reason he is getting more clicks for less is because when you set your bid to high, you might meet your daily budget much quicker, so your ads will be taken down until the next day.

Here are the stats for the first 7 days of when I took over, the 10 days prior and then the totals for Jan. 2008 and the entire 2007.

FEB. 12, 2008 8 864 $35.83 $286.67 1.3
FEB. 13, 2008 2 504 $ 3.27 $ 6.54 1.8
FEB. 14, 2008 8 1609 $10.69 $ 85.49 2.3
FEB. 15, 2008 7 1135 $10.23 $71.59 2.9
FEB. 16, 2008 12 711 $ 8.46 $ 101.51 3.0
FEB. 17, 2008 18 543 $ 7.08 $ 127.44 2.7
FEB. 18, 2008 14 675 $ 8.14 $ 113.91 2.5
TOTALS (2/12 – 2/18/08) 69 6,141 $11.49 $793.15 2.4
TOTALS (2/1 – 2/10/08)PRIOR TO MY DOING THE UPDATES 65 2,926 $28.84 $1,874.37 1.3
TOTALS (1/1 – 1/31/08) 253 11,600 $29.60 $7,489 1.2
TOTALS 2007 1,885 93,634 $24.77 $45,942 1.3

These are some huge savings and it won’t always be that much but usually I find that there’s always some room for improvement on pay per click campaigns. You really have to pay attention to them and track the progress and it helps to hire someone who does it all the time.

If we can assist your law firm with pay per click marketing, contact us today and we will review your campaigns and help save you money.

We will be helping this client save even more money once we do his organic optimization work. It makes sense to have top 10 rankings for keywords your bidding over $25 per click on! Once that is achieved, then you can reduce the amount spent on pay per click.

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