Keyword Discovery 3.0 Updates

Keyword Discovery has updated its keyword research tool to include a number of new features and databases. This is the top keyword research tool in my opinion and the one I use most often.

The latest KeywordDiscovery version includes new features and introduces a number of new keyword databases.

  1. eBay Search Term suggestion.
    This new database gives you the ability to research keywords based on eBay searches. Use this feature to optimize your eBay listings.
  2. Market Analysis.
    A new feature to help you identify market share held by each major engine for each search phrase.
  3. Eliminated Skew.
    KeywordDiscovery’s new premium database eliminates all skew caused by automated rank checkers and other bots.
  4. News Keywords.
    This new database enables keyword research based purely on searches performed at major news sites and news portals.

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