Latest Blog Creation – Washington Personal Injury

We have upgraded another legal blog site from Typepad to WordPress. When going from Typepad to WordPress, you get a lot of benefits, including the ability to create a more customized website design.

We have created a new updated design for Washington Personal Injury Lawyer Rob Kornfeld and also expanded the old blog to include new pages of information on the law firm and a contact form on all pages.  The site is also fully optimized for the search engines and includes many widgets and plugins to make the blog more functional.

The key on the blogs is actually updating them on a regular basis and adding unique content to the blog.   Usually if you do, you will see a nice increase in search engine traffic over time.  Another thing you can do if you have a Main site and a Blog is add your Blogs RSS feed to your main site, so that the headlines from your blog update automatically any time you post to the blog.

If your law firm needs assistance with lawyer web site design or Internet marketing for attorneys, contact Lawyers Court today for a free web site evaluation.

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