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We have helped another law firm upgrade their web presence from a basic site to a more advanced web site design.  Updating your law firm site can be a good idea for a number of reasons.  First its always a good idea to update the look and feel of your site and keep it fresh.  Then a lot of times law firms won't ever add new content to the site, so upgrading the site is a perfect time to add new fresh content. This can be in the form of update and additional practice areas, legal articles, testimonials, newsletters and blog posts.



We have created a new web site for the firm of Boyd Buckingham, a Renton, Washington Law Firm that focuses on Personal Injury and Family Law.   We have created the site using the WordPress content management system, which can make it easier to make updates to the website.  We have updated the content, added new legal images and fully optimized the site for the search engines.

Lawyers Court provides lawyer web design and legal seo work. We assist attorneys and law firms of all sizes in creating new websites, doing search engine optimization work, creating legal blogs and all other legal Internet marketing work.

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