Latest Legal Marketing Client

We continue to help many different lawyers from around the country with internet marketing and search engine optimization projects. More lawyers are starting to realize the importance of being found at the search engines for not only the firms and partners names, but also for keywords related to the firms practice.

The latest law firm website that we have have optimized for the search engines is the Chicago lawfirm of Schwartz & Cooper. The firm recently launched a new website design and figured it was a good time focus on the making sure the site was fully optkimized for the search engines like Google.

After a few weeks, the firms website started to come up in the top 10 at Google and other search engines for keywords such as chicago corporate attorneys, chicago litigation, illinois litigation, chicago business lawyers and many others. 

Legal website usually won’t get results this quick, especially if you have a new website. Yet if you have an existing website that has been around for a few years, then odds are you have a solid foundation and can also get high search engine rankings, IF you optimize the site and hire someone like me!

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