Latest Legal Web Designs

The latest website design for lawyers that we have done is an example of a legal mini site. This is a 2nd site using a unique domain name that focuses on one of your firms main practice areas. In this case its for a Seattle Personal Injury lawyer and the site is focused on Seattle and Washington personal injury keyword terms.

We also have done a redesign for the Breast Implant Law Resources site. You can find this site by doing a search at Google, MSN or Yahoo for Breast Implant Law, its #1 at each.  We have created a new design, added a flash animation logo on the home page and added new images and an updated naviagation structure.

Its always a good idea to update your law firms website, clients expect your site to not only look good, but have updated information on your firm. Its also important to be found at the search engines for keywords related to your practice.

Contact us at Lawyers Court if we can be of service to your law firm.

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