Latest Legal Web Site Creation

Updating your sites design can be a good idea, especially if your original site was created more then 5 years ago.  Not only can you upgrade the look and feel of the site with a new design, but you can also add additional pages of content, further optimize the site for the search engines and add new elements to the site.  We have upgraded an existing one page site for a Chicago tax law firm to a new WordPress legal site with a new layout and design, new legal images and expanded it with more pages and content.

We created this legal “mini-site” a few years back and it was a basic one page site that focused on the law firms Taxation practice.  We have recently upgraded the Tax Lawyers site design and also created it using WordPress, so its now setup so that the lawyer can easily update the existing pages and add new pages. We also expanded the site to include additional pages of content and have added a blog component so that we can add new recurring content.

If your law firm needs assistance with Attorney web site design or Internet marketing for lawyers, contact Lawyers Court today for a free web site evaluation.

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