Lawyers Make Sure You Own Your Domain

When you get your website setup, make sure that the domain name is registered to you and that your the administrative contact on the domain name record.  This is what always will happen if you, the lawyer, buy the name yourself and set it up.

Yet many times, the client will have the web designer buy the name and just take care of everything involved with setting up the website.

The problem can be if you have a falling out with the web designer or whoever is managing your site.  Then if you want to move the site to another web host, you might have problems because you won’t control the domain name.

The reason the domain name is so important, is because of the fact that if you want to change your web host and move your site somewhere else, you have to change the DNS settings at the domain name control panel.   

If you can do this, then you can simply change over to another host. If you don’t have this information, then you have to depend on whoever setup your site.

A worse problem would be if you didnt actually own the domain name.  Sometimes companies will setup the domain name in the companies name and not the clients name and so technically you wouldn’t even own the name if you were not listed as the registered owner.

For all of my legal clients, I will setup a separate domain name account in the clients name and use their billing information so everything  is in the clients name.   This is how it should be done, so make sure that you own your domain name and have control to make changes if needed.   

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