Legal Mini Site / Blog Concept

I've come up with an updated version of the Legal mini site called the Legal Mini Site Blog.  The mini site is a site that is focused on one specific geographic or practice area and then optimized for a set of specific keywords.



The latest mini site design now also includes a blog, which is a great way to keep your site updated with fresh content. The latst site we have employed this setup on is for a redesign of an existing mini site for a Chicago Criminal Tax Lawyer.

The new site has an updated crisp design with a home page that lists the firms main information, as well as listing the latest posts from the sites blog. 

This type of layout can have many advantages. For one if the blog is updated on a weekly basis, then over time you will build the sites number of pages and amount of content and combined with other SEO tactics, the site should be able to generate top organic search engine rankings. 

Then since the site is done with Worpdress, which is a Content Management System (CMS) you can easily make updates to the pages, add new pages and update the blog with minimal training. 

Also WordPress has a numerous plugins and widgets which you can add to your site to expand it.  Many plugins for wordpress are made with SEO in mind, so there are many ways to getting better rankings if you utilize the proper plugins and set your blog up correctly.

So in summation, a mini site / blog can help your law firm expand its Internet presense and get better search engine rankings. It can give you a 2nd website, as well as a blog and if done right, over time you will then have another website bringing traffic and potential clients to you.

If your law firm needs assistance or would like to explore the legal minisite / blog, contact us today. 

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