Legal Web Site Tip – Include Your Location on Site

It’s important to make sure your law firm’s location is included on your home page and all over your site. I have noticed a lot of attorney sites lately where they don’t indicate anywhere on the homepage what city or state they are in.  If I can’t find it, Google probably can’t either.  If I am a potential client looking to see if  your in my area and I can’t tell, I’m leaving.

If your a national firm that has many locations then it’s different but if your like most firms and are in one state, then your probably trying to get ranked for keywords related to your practice areas AND your location.   Most people will search  by city and keyword. So if I am looking for a Tax Lawyer in Chicago, Im probably going to type in Chicago Tax Lawyer vs. just Tax Lawyer.  So it can help if you have your location keywords on the page.

Also it’s a good idea to make sure anyone who come’s to your site, knows right away where your located. If someone has to hunt past the home page, they might just wind up leaving. So make it clear to potential clients where you are located and what your phone # is.

Its also key for your Google and other Local Business listings that your address is on  your web site, this can influence your local rankings.

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