Microsoft Sends $750K Warning To Click Fraudsters

The New York TImes reports
Microsoft has filed suit against Eric Lam, Gordon Lam and Melanie Suen,
of Vancouver, British Columbia. The suit comes after a year of
investigative work by Microsoft in tracking down reports of click fraud.

According to the NY Times, these defendants allegedly:

Microsoft said it found a pattern of click fraud on its search pages,
where lists ranked by relevance and popularity appear alongside a
handful of paid results. Advertisers bid on what they will pay to
appear in the paid-search results for certain keywords. The more an
advertiser pays, the higher they are in that list, and advertisers
usually pay for each click on their ad.

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Sends $750K Warning To Click Fraudsters”

  1. Settlement Loans

    As an active advertiser with Adwords and Live Center I’m glad “someone” is doing something in regards to click fraud, it’s just a joke these days that conversion rates go down while the click costs go up. A+ Microsoft!

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