Most Keyword Searches Done Contain Two Words

The largest portion of searches contain two words finds Amsterdam-based research firm OneStat.

Internet users who type two words for on a search engine query account for 31.9 percent of searches worldwide. Three-word phrases are used for 27 percent of searches. A single word accounts for 15.2 percent of queries, and four words are used for 14.8 percent of searches.

"Search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo can drive a lot of traffic to a Web site," said Niels Brinkman, co-founder of OneStat. "It is important that a Webmaster or SEO expert knows what kind of search phrases they have to use."

Instances with five (6.5 percent); six (2.7 percent); seven (1.1 percent); eight (0.5 percent); nine (0.2 percent); and 10 (0.1 percent) words are used in fewer searches. collects data through its Web analytics services. Numbers are averages. Research is based on a daily sample of two million Web visitors from 100 countries.

This is no real surprise, searchers are getting smarter and will use a variety of keywords to locate your site.  Thats why its important to optimize your legal web site for more then just general keywords like New York Lawyer or Chicago Attorney. If someone is looking for a real estate lawyer in New York City, they will probably type New York Real Estate Lawyer. Same thing if they are looking for a DUI lawyer in Riverside country California, they might type Riverside CA Dui lawyers.

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