New Google Link Filter?

Good article today from Webpro News about a possible link filter that Google is using, which basically doesn’t give your site full credit for the link right away and instead gives you partial credit and as time goes by, you get more credit.

"The theory says that Google provides a partial immediate credit, by running new links through a dampening filter. Only as the link ages, and remains linked to the site for a given period of time, does the full value of the Google PageRank and the link popularity receive its complete credit level."

This actually makes good sense and is similar to the "sandbox theory" for sites, where you basically have to go through a waiting period before your site gets better placement.

1 thought on “New Google Link Filter?”

  1. It is true! Google loves progressive growth. Your links are being recognized quickly but won’t help you rank until about 2-3 months after.
    It is important to gradually grow links in the meantime and not stop in discouragement.
    If they see you are serious long term speaking, you will rank.

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