New Google Search Options – Video Is More Important

With the release of the new Google search feature of "Show Options", this is going to make certain things even more valuable, such as having videos on your site. Not only having videos on your site but having videos that are optimized for the video search engines such as You Tube or Google Video.

Below is an image of a search of "Ohio tax lawyers" at Google and then notice the Show Options link below the search box…….


Once that is clicked, a new section opens on the left side of the screen with additional options to sort the search results. The first option is to sort the search results by Videos…


Once the user clicks on Videos, this means the search results will change on the right side of the screen to the top 10 results of videos…..


So now its obvious here that just having the top organic position is not enough. You also need to have videos that are promoting your firm coming up at video sites such as Youtube. You also need a blog and to produce content on a weekly basis, but thats a whole different post!

Video SEO is a smart thing to do as a lawyer, right now it doesnt seem like theres a ton of competition, so get in now!

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