PPC Study Finds Longer Search Phrases Convert Better

A study from Oneupweb finds that in general, longer search terms convert better than shorter ones. In particular:

  • Conversion rates rose as the number of keywords increased, peaking at between 33 to 38 percent when there were four keywords in total. Then rates dropped.
  • Single keywords searches had high conversion until company names were removed. Without these, single keyword searches then converted less than searches with two, three or four terms in them.

This makes sense and for most lawyers and law firms, usually you want to try and target the key phrases that combine your geographic area with your practice areas.

So it makes sense to bid on terms like "Chicago eminent domain lawyers" or "Illinois condemnation attorneys" instead of just "eminent domain" or "condemnation lawyers", if your a Chicago based condemnation firm.

You might not get as many clicks but odds are you will convert more of these leads into clients because someone searching just for "eminent domain", probably is just looking for free or general information opposed to hiring an attorney.

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