Saving Money On Google Adwords


If you have an existing Google adwords account and don’t pay much attention to it, odds are pretty good that your paying more then you should.

Ive had a number of clients accounts that Ive taken over and each time it amazes me how much I can save them just by making a few adjustments.

An example is a new client that I just looked at today, they have an existing adwords account and they spend about $3,500 per month.  Just by looking at it, I could see that they had set their Max CPC (Cost Per Click) very high at $10 per click. Sometimes people will do this in the beginning  and then never change it, so it carried over to all campaigns and keywords.

What this means is that you can pay way to much for certain keywords and while bidding high is a good way to get to the top and be the #1 listing, sometimes it can be very expensive and doesn’t really make much sense.

Just making one adjustment to the account, by bringing the max CPC down to $2, I saved them over $90 per day and the estimated clicks per day are basically the same. This would add up to over $2,500 saved in the first month, just by making one adjustment. We will be able to save them a lot more then that once we make further updates and tweaks.


Its important to monitor the bids and make adjustments and Its better to adjust your Max CPC to a lower amount and then work your way up. Also make sure that you set a maximum spend limit per day. 

We can assist you with your pay per click marketing needs, contact me for further information.

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