Search Marketing Conference in Las Vegas

I am currently in Las Vegas attending the Webmaster World search engine marketing conference. Its been a very good conference with many top name search engine experts speaking about natural search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, link building campaigns, legal issues involving domain names and much more.

Its amazing just how far Internet Marketing has become, you have people here from all over the world and people in every kind of business. When I first started going to these conferences back in 1998, nobody was there and nobody really seemed to think it was that important. Now everyone knows how important Internet Marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) is. 

Its still surprises me just how few law firms are actually doing any kind of SEO work. Its just a matter of time though before more lawyers get on-board because yellow page advertising isn’t as effective as it used to be and most people just simply turn to the Internet when they are looking for something.

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