SEO For Lawyers

DOES SEO (Search Engine Optimization) WORK FOR LAWYERS? 

In todays age, your law firm better have a good website that is easy to navigate and has useful content regarding your firms practice.  In addition its a really good idea if your site is optimized for the search engines so that your main practice areas and geographic locations come up when someone does a search at Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Optimizing and promoting your legal web site with
the search engines is by far the best way to drive a steady stream
of potential new clients to your site. Getting visitors to your
site via the search engines comes from natural or organic search
or paid or sponsored listings at the the different pay
per click programs.

Optimizing your site doesnt mean your going to do something tricky or sneaky to try and get better rankings. It just means that your going to make your site easy for the search engines to find and index.   A big part of it is just having a lot of good solid content and then knowing what your main keywords are that people are searching on and creating the content around those keywords. 

The bottom line is that when you have a good website that is fully optimized, usually you have a steady flow of traffic from potential clients who will find your site when searching for what you do.  They will never find you if your site isn't setup right and not coming up in the search engine listings top 10.

We have helped many lawyers optimize their websites and achieve top rankings at the search engines.  We have most recently helped the houston divorce lawyers at the law offices of Dennis Slate get their legal website optimized.  The site had zero presence at the search engines but after only one week, its already coming up for a # of terms in the top 10 at Google.

Most law firms never take the time to optimize their websites, not even for partner names.  Yet it can be a good idea to organize your content and optimize the pages for keywords related to what you do, its pretty simple really.   The results can be awesome and getting new clients from the Internet is a really great thing!

If your law firm needs assistance with any Lawyer SEO Marketing, contact Lawyers Court for a free website SEO analysis.

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