Top 10 Pay Per Click Search Engines

Pay Per Click Universe is a free resource dedicated to providing unbiased information to the small-to-medium sized business owner interested in exploring the world of pay per click advertising (PPC).

They have a section where they review each of the pay per click search engines and give what it considers the top ten pay per click engines.

They don’t really list them in order but give each PPC search engine a rating. Google ad words has an overall rating of 8.4, Overture 7.5, Findwhat 4.0 and Kanoodle 1.0. Those are what I always have considered to be the top 4 and really only Google and Overture seem to produce real results. So I would probably agree with those ratings, even though I would put Google at about a 9 and Overture a 7 at best.

They give Searchfeed a rating of 8.2 and the user reviews are all pretty favorable, so that might be one to check out. I will sign up for an account and see how it works out and write a review next month.

When doing pay per click projects for my legal clients, I usually try and test out the smaller pay per click engines, but normally what I find is that I get a lot of so called clicks and visitors but no real conversions.

I’ve also had problems in the past, where the pay per click engine says I got 30 clicks at 25 cents a click BUT my stats program doesn’t back that up.   Ive never had a problem with that at Google or Overture and no doubt those two are the ones to focus on when doing a pay per click strategy.

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