Track Your Firms Key Information Via RSS Feeds

Great Post from Kevin O’Keefe at LexBlog about BlogPulse offering RSS search feeds and how you can use these to track information about your firms name, top partners, etc.

—> RSS search feeds allow lawyers and legal marketing professionals to track key words and phrases. Firms should be tracking, among other things:

  • Their lawyers’ names and firm name to see what people are saying about them
  • Names of competitors
  • Nature of work they are looking to grow
  • Subjects relevant to litigation and transactional work

I was surprised at the LMA national conference this last week that no one but me, was talking about, or for that matter even heard of, the ability to do this.

I’m with you Kevin. I’m also amazed that more lawyers and law firms aren’t taking advantage of things like this.  Blogs and RSS Feeds are the future.

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