Twitter Search Queries Up to 800 million per day

Twitter is supporting 800 million queries a day, or 33 percent more than it said it was handling back in April, according to co-founder Biz Stone, who spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival today.

That means the company, which is trying to brand itself as an “information network” rather than a social network, is handling 24 billion queries a month. The last time the company reported daily search volumes was back in April at its inaugural developer conference, Chirp, when it said it was supporting 600 million queries a day.

It’s hard to compare Twitter’s monthly query volume to that of Microsoft’s Bing or Yahoo, since worldwide figures for their traffic are fairly old. Comscore reported that Bing was supporting 4.1 billion monthly queries worldwide while Yahoo was handling 9.4 billion in December.

Daily volumes also vary widely. The company, at times, was handling up to 750 million queries per day back in April, its then director of search Doug Cook told SearchEngineLand’s Danny Sullivan.

Growing search volume should help underpin the company’s advertising strategy, which depends on sponsored tweets appearing atop its results.

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