Upgrading Your Law Firm Site

Having a website for your law firm is a must in todays age but after a few years, the site usually needs to be upgraded. Its always a good idea to add new content to your site and over time your firm might change somewhat and have new practice areas to focus on, new attorneys, new articles and new verdicts and settlements.

Plus sometimes your original site might not be setup properly for the search engines, so usually the best idea to is upgrade the site and create a new design and layout.  This can usually address any issues the old site has and add a new look of professionalism to the site.  You can also add things the site didnt have before like a blog or videos.  Then of course if you can also get top 10 rankings at Google, that's a real added bonus!

We have helped many law firms over the years upgrade their web presence.  The most recent firm we have helped is a Ohio Bankruptcy law firm. This is another site that we have created for the Law Offices of Ken Sheppard.   This new site has an upgraded design, 10 additional pages of content that highlight the firms bankruptcy practice, new legal images, a flash animated logo and full optimization for the search engines.

Before the firm was overpaying for a basic site that wasn't even ranked for any keywords at any search engine.  Now the site is already in the top 10 at Google for a number of keywords related to the firms practice areas and geographic location.   The firm is now #6 for Ohio bankruptcy law, #7 for ohio bankruptcy lawyers, #7 for Ohio Chapter 7 and many others. 

If we can assist your law firm with upgrading its website, contact us for further information.

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