Upgrading Your Lawyer Website

Having a website for your law firm is obvious now but sometimes you have to upgrade your site in order to keep up with the ever changing Internet.  Many times lawyers will create sites but never really update them, so after a few years, the content is somewhat outdated.  Its always a good idea to add new practice areas if you can and any articles anyone in the firm has done, more content can lead to better organic SEO results.  Then sometimes you want to add Video or a translation feature that allows your site to be read in different languages and then sometimes you just want a better looking site. 


This is a Seattle Personal Injury law firm that we have helped upgrade to a newer more
professional looking site and we also have added many new features
including multiple videos describing what the law firm does and
testimonials from satisfied clients.  Then we also added a Spanish
translation feature that allows the site to be read on Spanish. We also updated the content, added new personal injury FAQ's and then further optimized the site for SEO purposes.

If your law firm needs a website upgrade, contact the Legal web design and SEO marketing professionals at Lawyers Court today for further information.

1 thought on “Upgrading Your Lawyer Website”

  1. We use content management systems for our law directory (IndexScript) and law firm website(Joomla) but sometimes CMS is not enough. We need more functions that currently are not implemented in these CM systems so I guess soon we will need professional assistance for upgrading of our websites.
    Great work with Robert Kornfeld’s website, congratulations. WordPress is definitely better than Joomla. 🙂
    Thank you!

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