Value In NOT Bidding On The Top 3 Spots At Overture Yahoo

Ive noticed that when your bidding at the Overture Pay Per Click search engine, that sometimes it makes more sense to NOT bid on the top 2-3 spots, at least for the Yahoo results.

This is because at Yahoo, the top 2 or 3 spots are listed at the very top of the page and then the #3-5 spots are listed at the bottom of the page, AFTER the top 10 organic listings. THEN on the right side of the page, the first 3 listings are the same as the bottom 3 listings, thus giving you two listings on the main page.

An example of that is for the term of california elder law and at Overture my clients site, California Elder Care Lawyers is #5 in the sponsored listings and its at the very bottom of the page and then also the 3rd sponsored listing on the right side.

Not only does he get two listings on the main page, but he’s only paying 10 cents per click, where the #1 and 2 are paying over 50 cents per click.


NOW the other search engine that uses Overture pay per click results is MSN and they do it a little different, they list the top 3 bids at both the top and bottom of the page, then on the right side, they start out with the #4 bid and work down. 

So this is why the California elder law site is only listed on the right side as the 2nd listing at MSN Search. Luckily though they are coming up in the organic or free listings and are #5 & 6!

**Actually they now moved up to the #3 spot in the pay per clicks, and also moved up in the organic listings to #4&5. Plus the basic elder law blog we put up is coming up #3. **

Its important that you know the pay per click rules and its usually best to employ a professional to optimize your legal web site and then also manage a focused pay per click campaign.  Contact us today if we can assist your law firm.

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