Video Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Here is one of an ongoing series of video marketing tips for lawyers.  This is becoming more and more important. All lawyers should probably start thinking about creating videos for their practice and then using them to market the firms practice. Video SEO is becoming a big thing and another way to promote your website with the search engines.  Google is starting to blend search results and sometimes they bring up videos from youtube in the search results.  So if you have your video about your law firm in youtube, it can come up in the Google organic search results, that's a really good thing!   On to the video marketing tips…..

What you should never include in your video: Do not talk about how difficult your area of law is.

If you deal in a difficult or arcane area of law, do not tell viewers
how complex it is. It's a waste of your breath, and a lost opportunity
to let a viewer know you have the ability to handle their case. This is
analogous to a trial lawyer giving an opening statement where he wastes
five minutes of his opening explaining to the jury what an opening
statement is and how a trial is conducted. Stop telling your viewer
about how difficult these cases are, and start showing your viewer that
you know what you are talking about.

Repeatedly, I hear lawyers from all over the country say this in their videos:

"I handle medical malpractice cases, and these are the most difficult
and complex cases around. These complex cases are so difficult because
… yada yada … ." I'm already asleep or I have quickly gone to
another lawyer. Your potential viewer does not want to hear that their
legal quagmires are so complex and difficult that even you, the
brilliant legal whiz kid, will have trouble solving them. They want to
hear that you have the answers to their questions! If you tell them how
hard these cases are, then I guarantee you they will go to someone who
doesn't explain in big bold letters how tough these cases are. These
viewers want answers, not excuses!

You can explain to them the necessary steps that will need to take
place in a case like theirs, but under no circumstance should you waste
your time saying how difficult this type of law is.

Think about it this way. If you went to a surgeon to have open-heart
surgery and he spent the first 10 minutes in his office telling you
that this type of surgery was the most complex surgery ever done, how
much confidence would you have in him? You want the doctor to stand up
and tell you "You're going to be fine. I've done this surgery thousands
of times."

Don't spend your time telling a potential client something that will immediately turn them away from you and your Web site.


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