Yahoo Search Index Updated

Yahoo! Search Report from the Yahoo Blog that Yahoo Search has updated the search index and that they will update people and provide an algorithm "weather report" in the future.  Which is something  that search engine legend Danny Sullivan requested awhile back.  From the Yahoo blog….

So consider this our first weather report. We’re releasing a new index tonight. You should see a lot of new content in the index as well as fluctuations in the rankings of results from previous searches.

Good to see Yahoo responding to the requests of the search engine community.  I have noticed a change in the Yahoo rankings and the overall listings seem to be improved.  I had noticed that a lot of spam like sites where starting to pop up, hopefully this new update removes those sites.    

I cant say that Ive noticed that much traffic from Yahoo though, it seems to have dropped if anything.  Still I love Yahoo and feel its a strong search engine and better then ever!

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